Influence of Seminars on Future Plans 08/04/2014

My Name is Shelley Louise Wardle, I am a Zoology Student at Bangor University and I am writing about how all the seminars I have been to have influenced my for my future plans.

From all the Seminars I attended, they have all given me a more understanding on what different Jobs there are out there, and have broadened my mind on what I would like to do for my future career. Before all the seminars my heart was set on working in a Zoo, now I have a variety of different Jobs that I would like to do, for example Member of a Conservation organisation , Wildlife Officer, Wildlife Rescue Centre and a Zoo Keeper. Some of the seminars have people with Jobs I would not like to do for example working for a university researching Microbiology as I found this particular subject did not appeal to me and didn’t interest me as much as other topics.

The seminars influenced me for future careers by seeing what some people have achieved, and has helped me realise that they are achievable and that one day I might have a career I enjoy much like them.

I enjoyed the Careers Café seminar as I had a dream of starting my own Zoo like business and had some really good tips on how I could start something like that off and how I would be able to get funded for this sort of business, the sort of business I would like to have is a conservation business for Canis lupus Grey Wolves. Also I spoke to a few people that have done a PHD which now I would definitely consider doing if I don’t find a Job and now know that there are other opportunities out there that I would be interested in doing.

During Bio Enterprise and Employability module I have a more understanding on how to write a business plan and what everything in a business plan means and requires, this would help me if I was to start my own business. Also how to write a CV which will help me get a Job, I was very proud of the CV I had created and the feedback I received from lecturers I am confident that my CV could get me far after I graduate from University.

Overall the seminars have given me a better understanding on how I could meet my goals in life and given me more confidence to complete those goals.

Some of my goals include:
– Finding a Job I will Love and Enjoy. (Zoo or Conservation Organisation are my top 2 Job choices).

– Travel different places to see different Animals all over the world (Canada, Australia and South Africa).


6 thoughts on “Influence of Seminars on Future Plans 08/04/2014

  1. The small paragraphs made your entry easy to read, because you are not overwhelming your readers with information. Th picture of the owl at the top of your page made me want to read on to your entry.

    Throughout your entry there are several words that are capitalized in the middle of a sentence. I find if you double space at the beginning of each sentence, it helps readers to see that it is a new sentence.

    From reading your entry it appears that the seminars and workshops have had a positive effect on you. Good Luck!

  2. I really enjoyed this talk. I didn’t really like zoo if I’m honest but seeing all the good that Chester zoo do. my impression of them have changed. As long as the animals welfare is number one priority and everything is done above board, then zoo can be a wonderful place.

    1. Chester zoo always put the animals welfare and needs first, it is a great Zoo. They are always improving enclosures etc. I am glad it has changed your impression of the zoo.


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